Parish Teams: Developing Leaders

Shared Mission. Shared Vision. Shared Action.

Parish Teams

Originating in the Diocese of Plymouth, England, a network of Genesis Evangelisation Teams has developed and continues to grow both at home and abroad. These teams are made up of individuals who are learning to intentionally evangelise through the power of words and actions every day.

Teams meet on a monthly basis to share experiences and learn from and with each other, in a living apprenticeship with the Holy Spirit.

As well as casting seeds for others, team members experience a new found hunger for scripture, a deepening of prayer lives, an increase in the desire for the Blessed Sacrament, and a more fully integrated sense of discipleship that puts Christ at the centre of every activity.

Disciples have learned to surrender to the Holy Spirit and have felt his power working through them, spurring them on to reach out with increasing confidence.

Teams experience a short period of formation. This is followed by monthly meetings.

The monthly meetings comprises:

  • Opening Prayer
  • Shared Encounters
  • Spiritual Reflection
  • Planning
  • Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Teams assist the parish priest as robust, confident and spiritually mature disciples capable of be a driving force in any parish renewal programme and in reaching out to the lapsed and the ‘nones’. If you would like a copy of our Parish Activities Report please contact us.

“Michele and Fr. Jon introduced us to the Genesis model of evangelization. The simplicity of this model, and its effectiveness, are what I found most attractive.  Any parish community can form the Evangelization Teams – parish size, finances and temporal resources are not requirements. Every parish has what is needed, people with an evangelizing spirit who, through prayer, are willing to bring the Good News of Jesus to others.”


Genesis Method

A simple relational method rooted in the art of meaningful conversation.


Genesis Teams

Preparing Disciples for Apostolic Mission in the heart of our Catholic Parishes. Setting up parish teams to reach out to fellow parishioners, lapsed and the unchurched.


Genesis School

Residential Disciple Making In-depth holistic Formation. Identifying Personal opportunities for Mission. Answering the call to Holiness and Mission.


The Genesis Mission: Practical Evangelising

Listening, to deliver the Good News to those we encounter.