The Genesis Method

A step by step break down of the basic components of a fruitful encounter. It can be used by anyone because it is rooted in the act and art of meaningful conversation which is an essential element of our humanity, but also combined and elevated with the most vital, life giving of all subjects; Jesus Christ.

Method of Evangelising

The Genesis method provides a practical way for a graced venture with the Living Lord, between you and the person you encounter. We are continuing and promulgating God’s revelation to the people who cross our paths in any one day at any one given moment.

Prayer is key, nothing will happen without it.


Every day pray “Come Holy Spirit, bring me someone today who I can share you with.”

We need to become natural connectors.


How can we become more comfortable to cross the divide between ourselves and others? Where are the opportunities? 

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We concentrate at all times on the other person. We need to have a healthy interest and a natural curiosity about other people’s lives.


How do we go deeper in conversation, build rapport and encourage trust? How can we step into another person’s world so that we can share Jesus sensitively and appropriately?

Learn about soul listening – We become completely attentive and giving to the other person, absorbing their life in that moment. Soul Listening is guided by the Holy Spirit and grows as we learn to abandon ourselves in favour of the other.

This is when you get the first ‘nudge’ that the conversation can take a more meaningful turn.

Spirit Led Encounter

Learn to be led by the Holy Spirit who guides the course of the encounter. How do we recognise and react to his promptings?

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God wants to use us to breathe life into others, to raise them from the grave (Ezekiel 37).

Life Giving Words

Learn to speak words of Love and Truth that restore hope, edify and offer new perspectives even in the most difficult circumstances.

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Sharing core truths that have the power to change lives.


In today’s society, where there seems to be little understanding or knowledge of Jesus, it is vital that we can share the heart of the Gospel in ways that are directly relevant and pertinent to a person’s individual circumstance. How can we ensure that those we encounter can see how the Gospel relates to them?

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Courageously proposed, not imposed.

Explicit Prayer

Learn how to take an encounter to the level of prayer.

Introducing the power of the risen Lord.

Be Expectant


How do we recognise that something has changed? Are we aware of the action of the Holy Spirit working within ourselves and others? How do we interpret His activity and do we recognise and acknowledge the changes we see and experience both personally and in those we encounter?

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Repent and believe the Gospel, Mk 1:15


With practice you can become confident to have deep, meaningful, open conversations that encourage others to look carefully at their lives and the changes they would like to see both personally and in the world around them.

These conversations can be the first steps to another person opening up to seek God’s grace.

The Church that Jesus himself founded.


It is our ultimate goal that all persons should have the fullness of truth and the means to salvation that is to be found in the Church that Jesus himself founded.


We seek to bring all souls to Christ and the full message of salvation through the Catholic Church.

Genesis Method

A simple relational method rooted in the art of meaningful conversation.


Genesis Teams

Preparing Disciples for Apostolic Mission in the heart of our Catholic Parishes. Setting up parish teams to reach out to fellow parishioners, lapsed and the unchurched.


Genesis School

Residential Disciple Making In-depth holistic Formation. Identifying Personal opportunities for Mission. Answering the call to Holiness and Mission.


The Genesis Mission: Practical Evangelising

Listening, to deliver the Good News to those we encounter.