Genesis Mission.
Making Disciples.

“How To” evangelise whilst forming a deep and dynamic sense of Discipleship’ DISCIPLE – MAKING –DISCIPLES.

Making Disciples 

Our Mission 

  • To Form a Dynamic and Deep Sense of Discipleship in Individuals.
  • Developing/changing attitudes on how we think, act and interact in our daily lives with regards to evangelizing
  • To Equip and Train People to Confidently Evangelise in Everyday Life.
  • To Establish Parish Evangelisation Teams.

  • To encourage leaders with vision.
  • To effect a cultural change within the Church, normalizing the fact that evangelizing is fundamental to being a Christian in obedience to the word of God and the Church’s definition of itself.
  • To Provide Opportunity for Residential in-depth Formation within Genesis Mission House and School of Discipleship.

The Foundation...

The Genesis Mission is built on the premise that “evangelisation in essence does not exist, there are only evangelisers” and seeks to develop those who already have a relationship with Jesus, who acknowledge the call to evangelise but either lack confidence or just don’t know where or how to get started. Only when there is in existence, a critical mass of these individuals, will the Catholic Church be equipped to drive parish renewal programmes and see the much needed shift in our catholic culture that will effect generations to come. 

Successive Popes have reminded us “the church exists to evangelise” but there is little practical advice on “how to”. The Catholic Church has the fullness of Truth and salvific message, through which we have life changing, soul saving news to pass on.

The Genesis Mission seeks to release in every baptised person, regardless of their perceived natural disposition (introvert/extrovert), their God given ability to evangelise and become disciple making disciples. Even the most timid of believers can be encouraged to “step out” as the Genesis model respects and works with all personalities and builds on the premise that Grace builds on nature, therefore, no one is excluded from this joyful and life giving service.

The Genesis Mission is committed to mobilising the Catholic Church to action, to fulfil the mandate given by our founder Jesus Christ.

The Genesis Mission offers full day presentations or online coaching, that will leave participants inspired and confident with the tools they need to make an immediate start. Additionally the Mission can provide all the resources and ongoing support to set up a parish team.

Forming Genesis Teams

Michele and Fr. Jon introduced us to the Genesis model of evangelising. The simplicity of this model, and its effectiveness, are what I found most attractive.

Mission Made Possible

Normal Life may have paused, but the mission of the Church can continue and grow.

Interview with Fr. Jon and Michele at the NES

Fr. Jon and Michele are interviewed by Lisa Canning of U Evangelize.

Genesis Mission, How to Evangelise

Fr. Jon and Michele present at the New Evangelization Summit in 2019.

Mission Possible Workshop

I recently attended a Mission Possible workshop in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada and found it outstanding.

Learning how to share the Word of God

Sharing God’s message is like learning to swim. Just like swimming, the only way to learn to talk to people about our faith is to plunge in and give it a try. The more opportunities you give yourself the more confident you become.

The Holy Spirit and You

Interview with Fr. Jon.

Genesis Method

A simple relational method rooted in the art of meaningful conversation.


Genesis Teams

Preparing Disciples for Apostolic Mission in the heart of our Catholic Parishes. Setting up parish teams to reach out to fellow parishioners, lapsed and the unchurched.


Genesis School

Residential Disciple Making In-depth holistic Formation. Identifying Personal opportunities for Mission. Answering the call to Holiness and Mission.


“The Genesis mission is the best place I know to receive wise support, guidance and practice in this most vital of street apostolates. Flowing from adoration of Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist, we all receive grace to encounter those in our streets and cafes with an open
heart, with an attentively listening ear and a word of uplifting truth. The genesis mission takes you straight in! The effects and the joy are immeasurable!”

Dr. Caroline Farey, MA, M.Phil(Cantab), STB, STL, PhL, PhD(Lateran)

Freelance in Catholic Ecclesial Formation

“The Genesis Model is just what we need to give us the confidence and the skills to bring Jesus to people, through our everyday encounters… It’s just what the Church has been waiting for.”

Mary Hallman

Director of Evangelization, Diocese of Syracuse (New York)

“When I first viewed an introduction to the Genesis Model for evangelization, I realized that it incorporates elements to help people share their faith in daily life that I hadn’t seen before… Its grassroots approach is both profound and incredibly insightful in its simplicity. I am convinced that it is just what many Catholics are looking for as they search for ways to share faith.”

Peg McEvoy

Coordinator of Faith Formation, Diocese of Saginaw

The Genesis Mission: Practical Evangelising

Listening, to deliver the Good News to those we encounter.